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$4000 tip

A janela secreta

Mohammed A . Sekhani is probably one of the luckier waiters around.  As a waiter at Gibsons, a ritzy steakhouse, he’s used to waiting on the rich and famous.  And I’m sure he’s no stranger to big tips either.

Even so, after a simple meal out (“simple”, in this case, included several $500 bottles of wine), Johnny Depp gave Sekhani a $4000 tip.  Not entirely unheard of, but still probably enough to make a huge difference in this guy’s life.



Honest Town gives me hope

Lakeside OHThis is a remarkable story about “The Most Honest Town in America” is truly heartwarming.  Lakeside, Ohio is apparently the place to be. 

This place is so trusting that no one even locks their bikes up.  I can’t even think of anywhere I’ve been in North America that’s like that. 

Even better, sometimes the shop owners just trust you.

At Marylyn’s place they even trust the proverbial kid in a candy store. The owner, Marylyn Burns, has a note that says, "We trust you. You are an honest and wonderful child of God. Wait on yourself and make your own change."
"We’ve had kids come in from the inner city and say, ‘What do you mean you trust us?’" Burns said.
I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic myself on this one. So I set up a hidden camera to see if I could catch someone red-licorice handed.
Dozens of kids came and went. But they all paid – right down to the penny.

I wish it could be like that everywhere.

[Source: CBS News]

Crashes can end well sometimes


Not all crazy car crashes end poorly, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

A woman who drove her car off a cliff managed to climb back up to the road…3 days later.  Apparently she crawled, injured, through a big drainage pipe under the road.

No matter what, she’s lucky to be alive and it can only be described as a huge day for her family.  Miracles like this make you feel a bit happier.

[Update:  This link has more details]