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Just part of the job

Good Morning San Francisco!

This is a shockingly touching story about ironworkers on the Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s also 8 years old.  That still doesn’t shake the impact of this kind of volunteer duty.

The ironworkers of the Golden Gate Bridge are also lifesavers.  Literally.  They pull volunteer duty to go try and talk down those who want to try and commit suicide by jumping off the bridge.  How do these grizzly macho men have the chance or the will to do something like that? 

But what qualifies these blue-collar rivet-wrestlers to perform the delicate psychological task of suicide prevention? Just this: There’s nobody else.

"We’re the only ones dumb enough to do it," Hopper says.

They’re the only ones with enough equipment, knowledge of the bridge and courage to go over the rail.

The suicide rescue duty is voluntary, but the bridge’s ironworkers all take their turns.

I honestly cant even imagine the pressure one would face trying to talk someone back from the edge of the bridge, especially if you’re trying to do so with very little training.

There’s no real reward to this, no extra pay, often no knowledge of what happens after.  Yet they still keep doing it.  Simply because no one else will.

[Source: SF Gate]


Little girl shows too much class

This is a wonderfully touching story, but for all the wrong reasons.

This poor girl lost her mother, but took the time to genuinely thank the cop that tried to come to their rescue.  After dialing 911, the cops raced to a house in Sacromento.

They tried to revive the girl’s mother and rushed to a hospital.  Unfortunately, the mother passed away.  Then comes the tug at the hearstrings.  The girl turns to the cop and says:

“I’m really grateful that you guys came and helped my family,” the girl told Sacramento police Officer Sunny Cranford. “You kept trying, even though you couldn’t do anything.

The Officers responded in kind, starting up a collection to help the family, and bringing this little girl a tremendous amount of birthday gifts.

Snow plows form convoy for transplant

Hello all! This is going to be my first post (hopefully first of many) to share some good news with you.

In Wyoming, a man scheduled for a liver transplant was snowed in.  This is the start of what could have been a tragic story, if it wasn’t for a quick-thinking police officer and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).  After Chuck Forbes and his wife were stopped on the way to the hospital at a road block because the route ahead was snowed out, a patrol officer spoke with the WYDOT supervisor.

Before you know it, help was on the way.

Snowplows convoyed with Forbes to escort him all the way to the hospital. Just out of the kindness of their hearts.

[Source: Buffalo News]